Amelia Barili


In an effort to assist our larger community in these challenging times, THESE WORKSHOPS ARE GOING TO BE TAUGHT ONLINE VIA ZOOM FOR FREE. WE WANT ALL OF YOU TO HAVE ACCESS TO THEM.

Below are links for registration for my virtual workshops for Saturday July 4th.  There are two links for each Saturday, one for the morning session and one for the afternoon session. The morning session is always in Spanish.

July 4th  

At 11:30 am (en español)  Salud Integrativa: Emociones y Organos  

At 3 pm (in English)  Awakening the Healer Within–prTojH9xqk6HpxN8bpEbakUA6bgsM

Zoom introduced some new features on June 1st. It will ask you to update your Zoom to be able to continue with your registration. It is a very simple procedure. It will only take a couple of minutes to do the update.

Each Saturday I will create new links just for each of the two free virtual workshops that day. These are measures to try to preserve privacy and security while keeping the workshops open to all.

Please feel free to circulate these links among relatives and friends who you feel might benefit from learning these easy and effective practices to lower anxiety and boost their health and healing.

Attendees do not need to have a zoom account to participate in the meeting. Just click on the link and follow the instructions to download the app and to register to attend the meeting for free.

Each session will include effective practices to boost your immune system, strengthen your respiratory system and to help you let go of fear, anxiety and depression. Anyone can practice these techniques regardless of age.

If you practice them everyday, they will help you develop resilience to the Coronavirus.  They are easy to learn. I will show you how to integrate them into a daily routine to achieve greater good health, clarity and inner peace in the midst of challenges.

Amelia Barili will be teaching virtual workshops every Saturday. Please check this website for the zoom links.

Interview in KPFA with Amelia Barili about tapping into our inner resources to manage anxiety and fear in challenging times.