Many scientific studies show that meditation and volunteering support good health for the heart, brain, and whole being. Combined, they foster positive neuroplasticity. In this course, participants study discoveries of the “Neuroscience of Meditation” and learn contemplative practices to open their heart to new perspectives in relating to members of different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. They also volunteer outside of class for one to two hours each week at Refugee and Immigrants Transitions, the Berkeley and San Francisco school districts, and Casa Mora. This experiential learning deepens their knowledge of other cultures as they assist low-income students, refugees, and immigrants with their school skills and their transition into American life.

Join our eight week online course, ‘Meditation, Volunteering, and Positive Neuroplasticity’ hosted though OLLI. This interactive, multidisciplinary course will engage, empower and support students as they learn about the positive effects of meditation and volunteer work. See below for a video of Amelia discussing the course!

It is crucial that students interested in participating enroll as soon as possible as the course will fill up soon. There is a cap of 15 participants. Students enrolled in this class will receive the full description of the requirements for volunteering by the beginning of August, so they can start the process of fulfilling those requirements early (fingerprinting, vaccination evidence and TB testing). Hope to see you in the class!