ARE YOU TRYING TO SLEEP BETTER? Learn these effective techniques which are backed by thousands of years of research and practice within the healing traditions of Classical Yoga and Medical Qigong. These practices have been confirmed by recent discoveries of Neuroscience about the powerful effect that attention, intention and breathing have in re-training our brain and whole nervous system. Learn to retrain your brain, and introduce healthy life changes to achieve what you have been wanting for so long; a deeply restful night sleep. Sleep is essential for good physical and mental health. In this video, the first of a series on this subject, you will learn how to prepare to fall asleep, how to deeply rest, and what to do if you wake up in the middle of the night and are having troubles to fall back asleep.
Meditacion y Ciencia, Amelia Barili & Dr. Mario Alonso Puig
El Dr. Mario Alonso Puig se especializa en estudiar el impacto que nuestra manera de percibir y de responder tiene en el desarrollo de nuestro talento y de nuestra capacidad para vivir más plenamente en el presente. Puig es el celebrado autor de “Vivir es un Asunto Urgente”; “Tómate un Respiro: Mindfulness”; “Reinventarse; Tu Segunda Oportunidad” y muchos otros.

How to Breathe Easier with the Mask, Amelia Barili
This easy Yoga practice will calm your anxiety, satisfy your air hunger and boost your lungs. Try it and you will be amazed at how effective it is.
Overcome Challenges (Full Version), Rick Hanson & Amelia Barili

En el día de Guru Purnima, en que recordamos a los maestros que nos guiaron y apoyaron en nuestro desarrollo espiritual, comparto con ustedes dos preguntas fundamentales que me cambiaron la vida. Como diría Borges, estas preguntas se aplican a culquier tiempo y cualquier lugar.

Full version of a workshop led online by Amelia Barili on June 27, 2020.
Transformación Personal y Comunitaria, Amelia Barili

Full version of a workshop led online by Amelia Barili on June 6, 2020.

Full version of a workshop led online by Amelia Barili on Saturday July 11, 2020.

All over the world we are waking up to our compassionate nature in these times of collective trauma. How can we sustain that caring in a peaceful and loving way to help us build nurturing communities?
Let’s practice together a form of the Loving Kindness meditation that integrates loving ourselves and others in ever widening circles.

In this video you will learn six potent release points from Traditional Chinese Medicine that will help you regain clarity and inner peace even amidst otherwise overwhelming difficulties and challenges.
Intercultural Service Learning is an effective way of building bridges across cultural, racial and economic differences. It prepares our students to participate more actively in our communities using their skills and knowledge to assist others who are in need.