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Letting Go of Anxiety and on Developing Resilience

Amelia Barili


Each session will include effective practices to boost your immune system, strengthen your respiratory system and to help you let go of fear, anxiety and depression. Anyone can practice these techniques regardless of age.

If you practice them everyday, they will help you develop resilience to Covid-19. They are easy to learn. I will show you how to integrate them into a daily routine to achieve greater good health, clarity and inner peace in the midst of challenges.

Embodying Safety: A Certificate for Integrating Yoga, Qigong & Polyvagal Theory™

Instructors: Amelia Barili PhD & Stephen Porges PhD.

Offered through the Polyvagal Institute, taught by Dr. Amelia Barili, this 30-hour certificate course integrates the wisdom healing traditions of Yoga and Qigong with Polyvagal Theory. Learn how to use your nervous system and your vital energy to promote good health and to achieve your highest human potential. Once you have learned them and experience their benefits, you can share these practical applications of integrating neuroscience and wisdom healing traditions with clients and loved ones. You can take in the course material at your own pace within each module and meet once a week with Dr. Barili for LIVE group meetups.

New session begins September 12, 2024

Integrating Yoga & Qigong™

Amelia Barili has taught for many years personal transformation at major institutions and retreat centers nationally and internationally.

Drawing from the wisdom traditions of Classical Yoga and Qigong, and from the latest findings of the Neuroscience of Resilience, Amelia teaches ancient powerful practices that foster good health and a sense of inner guidance and peace. These practices are easy to learn and to integrate in daily life. They are recommended for anyone wanting to live a healthier and happier life, and for health care and counseling professionals.

Meditation, Volunteering, & Positive Neuroplasticity

Since the arrival of COVID we have been teaching our popular OLLI at UC Berkeley course online. The online format has allowed us to enrich even further our academic and experiential course/workshop by having distinguished neuroscientists, authors and educators present their research to our learning community. In dialogue with Amelia via zoom, they share with the class scientific evidence on how we can work with our body and mind for greater health and happiness. Participants are invited to practice at home the guided meditation with which we start every class and other contemplative practices they might know as a way of cultivating positive neuroplasticity in their daily life and in their volunteering.

Upcoming workshop September 18 to November 6, 2024.

Self-Care: For a Healthier, Longer and Happier Life

Workshops at at UC Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) Irvine.

How can we work with our body and mind to foster good health and wellbeing? What are the ancient wisdom healing traditions and the most recent discoveries of neuroscience telling us about the enormous potential we all have to overcome physical and emotional challenges? In this 3 part-workshop you will learn powerful practices for self-care that you can easily integrate in your daily life.

Upcoming 2024 OLLI Workshops

Cultivating Resilience During Distressing Times
UC Irvine Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
November 5, 12, 2024
Tuesdays, 10:00 am to 12 noon

In troubled times we feel besieged with negative emotions. How to cultivate resilience and clarity amid challenges that affect us? Learn what Polyvagal Theory and ancient wisdom traditions teach us about how to work with our feelings and physiological responses. We will learn about these findings from neuroscience and practice effective techniques to switch from states of threat and uncertainty into states of calm, clarity, repair and growth.

4 Practices for Healing and Peace of Mind
UC Irvine Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
December 2, 9, 2024
Mondays, 10:00 am to 12 noon

Although we cannot control which circumstances will arise for us, we can turn to practices that help cultivate a peaceful heart-mind in facing whatever circumstances do arise. As we prepare for the holidays and the wrapping up of a challenging year, you are invited to learn and practice together these four easy and powerful healing practices. They will support you in understanding yourself and others and will bring peace and inner strength in your life.


Amelia is truly an exceptional teacher of Yoga and Qigong, and a genuine gift to her students. With much expertise and patience, she guides her students, through the graceful movements of the exercise, while teaching an outer attention to the form and an inner intention to the movement. Practicing in this way becomes truly transformational.

– Phil Waltz

Learning about Qigong and yoga practices which help to maintain health, energy and a general sense of well being are easy and enjoyable with Amelia. She has an amazing ability to teach. 

– Lucinda Gobin

Amelia’s insights, sparkling wisdom, talents and tenderness are all that a guide is for me. How grateful I feel to have been part of this workshop. 

– Celie Placzek