Awaken Your Inner Wisdom
Integrating Yoga and Qigong

Traditional Taoist and Yogic contemplative techniques to cultivate integration of body, mind and spirit, and to foster blissful clarity and healing. The time spent practicing these simple and remarkably effective techniques will be returned and multiplied by your growing ability to overcome challenges, live fully–even in the face of uncertainty–and experience balance and well being.

Yoga and Qigong combined can help you focus your attention and intention, increase your creativity, deepen your meditation, overcome pain and attain radiant health.

 For additional info, please check the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery site or email


On going series of 12 weekly classes

at the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery

2304 McKinley Avenue, Berkeley Ca

Next session starts Monday, January 27, 2020

Awaken Your Inner Wisdom,
Integrating Yoga and Qigong

Mondays 7.30 to 9 pm

For information and to pre-register contact

There is a sliding scale of $240, $185, or $120 for the 12 classes. Please choose according to your means.

These are not drop-in classes

“I began Qigong just a couple of months ago with Amelia Barili at the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery. I came into Amelia’s class at an extremely stressful time in my life.  After the first class I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my body. As each class progressed I felt calmer and more at peace with myself.  My strength and flexibility improved along with an enhanced sense of well being. Amelia is a remarkable teacher. Her directions and demonstrations, intermingled with serenity, humor, and focus, create an open atmosphere of personal learning and growth.” — Peggy Harding

“The benefits of studying Wild Goose Qigong with Amelia Barili are threefold. First there are the physical benefits of the warm-ups, the stretches and the practices of Qigong itself, which affect the body from the top of the head to the sole of the feet. Then there is the knowledge of Chinese Medicine about focusing on the energy channels or meridians and learning skills to feel and revitalize specific organs and parts of the body. Finally, there is the pleasure of learning with Amelia. She is a very inspired and inspiring teacher.” — Suzy Cortes

“Amelia is truly an exceptional teacher of Qigong, and a genuine gift to her students. With much expertise and patience, she guides her students, through the graceful movements of the exercise, while teaching an outer attention to the form and an inner intention to the movement. Together, Qigong becomes truly transformational.” — Phil Waltz

“Amelia’s way of explaining the deeper meaning of each practice and her inner guidance has forever changed the way I used to practice Qigong.” — Dianne Jerome

“Amelia works with each individual to make sure we learn her wonderful lessons of “self care”. These lessons I will have with me long after the classes end. I am grateful to her.” — Connie Holt

“Learning about Qigong and yoga practices which help to maintain health, energy and a general sense of well being are easy and enjoyable with Amelia. She has an amazing ability to teach. Amelia combines continual introduction of new techniques with enough repetition to allow her students to not only remember the techniques, but incorporate them into a daily routine. She explains the history and rational for each of the exercises, and relates the various traditions common themes and practices. Amelia does all that anyone could hope for with regard to instruction– but the amazing thing about her is her calm and engaging presence. Her voice captivates and draws you into the Qigong experience. Not only do her students learn a lot but we leave the class each week feeling relaxed, calm and happy. I enjoy Amelia’s class so much that I drive the sixty odd miles from Gilroy to Berkeley each week just to attend. I hope many more people will have the opportunity to take a class from Amelia Barili, and do so for years to come.”– Lucinda Gobin