Discovering Our Inner Universecard Amelia Barili Workshop

Discovering Our Inner Universe

Science tells us that we have more neurons in our body than stars in the Milky Way. This gives us a sense of our enormous potential for feeling, sensing, and intuitive knowing.

We can use this vast power to heal ourselves and to find creative solutions to our problems. The question is, How to tap into the powers dormant within each of us? Sages from India and China dedicated themselves for thousands of years to develop the empirical sciences of Yoga and Qigong so that we can learn to better inhabit our inner space to bring forth happiness and healing to ourselves and others.

In this workshop, you will learn easy and powerful energy practices from Yoga and Qigong to awaken your vital energy and mindfully align the forces of your inner universe. We will work with self-inquiry, gentle moves, breathing, aligning and integrative practices, meditation and silence. Some of these practices will be done in nature. No previous knowledge is necessary. Everyone is welcomed.