How to Breathe Easier with the Mask

To curb the pandemic we all need to wear masks. This video will show you a Yoga technique to breathe in a more relaxing way while wearing your mask.


To prevent getting infected with Covid or infecting others, and to breath more air while wearing the mask, you might like to practice this way of breathing that comes from Classical Yoga and was developed over thousands of years in India, where millions of inhabitants can be affected by viral infections.

Practice the this form of breath along with me in this video. You will see how amazingly effective it is at helping you breathe while keeping your mouth closed. That way you are not so vulnerable to unfiltered patogens that could enter through your mouth. Since this breathing emphasizes exhaling through the nose, and exhaling triggers the relaxation response; this form of breathing is very relaxing too. It will help you to develop a better relation with your mask and you will be more inclined to wear it.

Remember together with social distancing and washing your hands, this is an effective way of protecting yourself and your loved one and the loved ones of those who you don’t even know. It is also our way of contributing in whichever measure we can to not overcrowding the hospitals and giving some relief to our heroic doctors and nurses who have been non-stop in the front lines risking their lives and the lives of their love ones to help all of us. Wearing a mask is the least we can do for all of them. Hope this easy way of breathing helps you in wearing your mask often. Gracias.

Explore it with an open mind and allow yourself to become familiarized with this practice. It is different from anything you have tried before. It has cumulative effects. Give it 10 minutes of mindful attention.

Once you see how it works, please share it with your friends and suggest to them to share the video so many people can have a tool for helping to wear the mask more often. If we work together, we can overcome this terrible pandemia and all the suffering that is causing. Thank you.